Seven Psychopaths

I admit that I had big expectations for this movie based on the cast and the well executed trailer. Honestly I was not prepared for an “Adaptation” or “Slipstream” type of narrative. So actually throughout the first 40 minutes I was like “Is that it? This is the movie I was waiting for so impatiently?”. And than after the initial disappointment I started to realize that actually the film is much greater fun than the plot suggests if you are a truly cinema apasionado. Of course Seven Psychopaths shares some common features with the aforementioned movies as it follows the creative process of creating a movie story line by intertwining the “real” event in the movie with the ideas about events in the screenwriter mind.

But here the Easter egg lies elsewhere – it is in the casting. Lets see why any of the main characters, described as psychopaths are so important for the success of the message of this hidden treasure, again not by the chain of events, but by what lies behind them.

Who are the 7 psychopaths:

1. Angela – the “Jack killer” (Olga Kurylenko)

who has at least one psychopathic role in cinema (the mad witch-warrior in Centurion)

2. Hans – the mad quacker (Christopher Walken).

Lets see his psychopathic history at least the ones I am aware of:

Nick in The Deer Hunter

– Hessian Horseman in Sleepy Hollow

3. Marty – the alcoholic screenwriter (Colin Farrell),

worthy for the following previous roles

Ray in In Bruges

Valka in The Way Back

Mitchel in London Boulevard

Bobby Pellitt in Horrible Bosses

– Jerry in Fright Night

4. Billy – the dog kidnapper (Sam Rockwell)

who is worthy of the role for at least 2 previous roles

Zaphod Beeblebrox in The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

 – Charley Ford in The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford

5. Kaya – Marty’s bitchy girlfriend (Abbie Cornish).

I give her that, her role totaly qualifies her

Sweet Pea in Sucker Punch

6. And of course the killer of serial killers Zachariah (Tom Waits)

with his respective contribution to the subject as

R.M. Renfield in Dracula

Mr. Nick in The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus

Engineer in The Book of Eli

7. Charlie – the crazy tug guy (Woody Harrelson).


Billy Hoyle in White Men Can’t Jump

Mickey Knox in Natural Born Killers

Roy Munson in Kingpin

Larry Flynt in The People vs. Larry Flynt

Ernie Luckman in A Scanner Darkly

David Douglas Brown in Rampart


7. Well, If we follow the script No 7 should be the viatnamese guy

and he has one role which maybe qualifies him, but anyway his role is a bit different than the rest and also the posters support my idea better than the plot

At the end I would like to mention a quote by Christopher Walken, which for me is obviously a movie industry joke about dream sequences in movies and gay movies directors which I didn’t understand quite, but sounds like fun. Watch it again :)


Dream sequences – 7 psychopaths from ratingshark on Vimeo.

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