Atrocities in Japan – The Cove

I may respect Japan for a lot of things – their traditions and culture, their courage after the WWII, their workacholism, mountain Fuji and a lot more things. But all these things cannot erase the images of slaughtered dolphins which the movie "The Cove" left in my mind. It is totally non human and savage and brutal to kill marine mammals, which are believed and proven to be self aware and intelligent.

The film is very touching, tries to cover a lot of different points of view, including the POV of Japanese authorities, locals, even hostile fishermen.Alas, Japanese obviously are in a state of denial when it comes to their marine traditions and old fashioned nutritional habits. Even the fact that dolphins meat is poisonous to humans because of the high levels of Pb in it doesn't seem to touch even slightly the reason of these people.

There are several scenes which can literally make you cry – for example when a baby dolphin is brutally slaughtered and when one of the main activists in the movie, a former  dolphin trainer, explains how one of his trainee dolphins committed suicide in his hands by deliberately drowning in her tank.

This savagery MUST be stopped ASAP, so if you feel that such things are important, please watch the movie and give your support here at


The Full movie in not so good video resolution is here

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